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Name:Agatha Clay Heterodyne
Location:Pax Europa, Mechanichsberg
Website:Girl Genius Web Comic

Agatha is a well rounded young woman who is neither thin nor fat, and stronger than she looks. Daily beatings that Zeetha calls “Training” accounts for much of that. She is what is called a “Spark” on her world, and not only that, she is one of the strongest sparks in history, and is descended from some of the most famous sparks ever. There are many “evil” people in her family tree, and very few good ones, but it is her uncle and her father, the good ones, that she takes after, which counts for a lot.

A Spark is an inventor of inhuman skill and ability. “In my experience a strong Heterodyne will take about two hours to truly warp the laws of nature.” What they do cannot be duplicated by a non-spark, no matter how gifted, but generally…no one sane would WANT to duplicate the work of a spark. They make things like robot squids and partially human constructs.

And remember how I said no one sane would want to duplicate their work? Well, Sparks might be sane when they are not working, well… theoretically, but once they start to build or repair or create they go into a “madness place” that makes them think that adding a giant robotic claw to the cat is a BRILLIANT idea, and why SHOULDN’T they build ants that are equipped with cutting blades to help them get into picnic baskets? And those are the GOOD Sparks! Ones like Agatha make everything bigger and “better” because they think it makes sense when they are in a fugue state, but many Sparks are megalomaniacs. Most sparks that survive to adulthood try, at some point, to take over some part of the world. So far Agatha has been content with the city that was thrust upon her.

Sparks also attract…. Minions. People who follow for some reason they might not even understand themselves. They take this in stride, and hardly even seem to notice that the people obeying their orders are those who are generally more.. independent. This would be an RP choice between the players, only for those interested.

Now with her building, it almost never comes out exactly as she intends… but she usually decides that whatever she created was EXACTLY what she wanted. Even if it blows up. Sometimes especially if it blows up. Um… things blow up. A lot.

Agatha specifically can do something called Heterodyning, which is unique to her paternal bloodline. It is sort of like humming but the sound she makes cannot be replicated, and helps her think. She does her best work while Heterodyning.

One more thing about Aggie… Her mother one of the bad kinds of Spark, one of the WORST kinds of Spark. Her mother believed that all people should be her slaves and minions, and built many tools to that effect. One of her creations made a “Back up” of her personality and let her upload it into the living brains of other people. Agatha is one of the people she put herself into. Agatha is learning to control having the Other in her head, but it is a constant fight…unless she is wearing her amulet. If her amulet is removed, her mother is unleashed until the amulet is returned.

Lucrizia, her mother, is a strong Spark, but not as strong as Agatha, and she is BAD at pretending to be her daughter, so the deception is easily discovered.


Maxim is purple, lanky, and sharp toothed. He is a Jagermonster, a being that had once been human but had exchanged his humanity for… well…. We hear very little about why most Jagers drink the Jagerdraught to become what they are, but the results are hard to miss. Off colored skin, some physical mutations, sharp teeth, claw like nails… and some wicked abilities.

Jaegers are fast, insanely strong, can take an inordinate amount of damage without seeming to feel it, can control the speed of their own healing (though they NEVER admit to it, you have to read carefully to realize it) and are just about impossible to kill, even by age. We first meet Maxim Dimo and Oggie while they’re being hanged. They’ve been in the nooses for two days. The townsfolk were taking bets…

The Jagers are unflinchingly loyal to house Heterodyne (with one VERY notable exception) though they do not show this by obedience. Not unless it suits them.

The Jagers are very big on being underestimated. They like the be overlooked, and when they are noticed, they often play the fool. They never use their full strength, they almost never let anyone see them being subtle or clever.
Maxim is so good at “clever” for a Jager, isn’t he, folks?

Actually, in that episode, he kind of is. But then, he’s dealing with Old Man Death, one of the few Non-Heterodyne humans to survive riding with the Jagerkin.

The other big thing to note with the Jagers is hats. A hat is a mark of respect, a badge of honor. You cannot BUY a hat, you cannot just be given a hat as a random holiday gift. A hat can be given only as a mark of respect, or won in combat. Maxim gave his hat when Lars died in battle despite being terrified, which is why he had to fight Old Man Death for his new hat.

Be warned, any leader or warrior he respects he might make a hat for…

You have been warned.

Contact info:
Aim: Bardess Ookami
Yahoo: SholanUnity
Plurk: ChickletLARP

"This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at ten_fwd; I am not Agatha and Maxim, who are the property of Studio Foglio. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made."
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